So, who are we and what are we doing? (updated 15/04/19)

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We are Stu and Clair. We’ve been together around 25 years. For the last 22 years we’ve been running our own IT business supplying SME’s with computer equipment, support and advice. Just over a year ago we decided we might want to take those holiday dreams of staying longer and going further and make them a reality. Plans were made and plots were hatched and now a year later we are in the throws of completely selling up our home and possessions and closing the business.

We now know we will start on our travels on the 6th July 2019. We finally got a timetable in place for stuff to happen. As of today, 15/04/19, we have less than 7 weeks of work to go. We move out of our house a couple of weeks after that and then its just a few short weeks until we hit the road. I really think I should book our ferry to France really soon!

Clair still looks terrified!

Clair on one of her better days.

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