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A lot, I mean a LOT of people have asked what our itinerary is. So here it is, well, the very beginning. We plan on leaving in July and heading down into France from Dover. Then we will be going North East through Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Heading north into Norway by ferry and then winding up through Norway and maybe bits of Sweden that sound interesting all the way to Nordkapp. After that we’ll run back down through Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and France before heading back into the UK.

90 days is the limit on this as we are covered by our travel insurance without incurring any additional costs. When we get back we will decide on the next leg based on how we feel after about the bikes. We have agreed that if we don’t like the bikes after that time, we’ll pick another form of transport and head on out that way. Once we decide how to travel, we’ll decide where to and how to get there.

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