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At the moment I’m bouncing between utter terror and euphoric excitement!

Everything is starting to fall in to place, house on the market, garage sale almost through, BOY (he’s 21 next month, but he’ll always be the boy) is doing well at work and in his own home.

It’s really hard to build a mental framework for what’s going on. I’ve owned my own home since I was 18 years old, so to give that up feels totally weird and goes against what I’ve always believed that you must acquire property and wealth to be successful.

If feels really wrong to leave the BOY, even though he’s fine and totally behind us. As a Mom you feel you should be on call no matter how old they get. But I suppose I’ve just got to trust that we’ve done a good job and there’s always FaceTime.

So now it’s time to change the standard line of thought, it’s time to stop measuring based on the norm. It’s actually time to just stop measuring and comparing, we are who we are and we’ve got what we’ve got and we’re doing what we’re doing.

I’ve used the phrase “you can make more money, but you can’t make more time” a lot, which I believe to be true. I must release the fear and embrace the excitement. After all I’m going on the adventure of a life time with the most infuriating, brilliant, mad, child (he’s only 52), who also happens to be my best mate.

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