Every ride is a test ride

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Tregaron in Wales: Double chins safely tucked away behind our Halversson neck thingies.

We managed to take advantage of the weather to go and test a few recent changes on Sunday. I am treating every ride as a test ride now as I try to make sure everything works. We both have Gerbing heated gloves now. Clairs packed in after a few minutes of setting off so she switched to heated grips for the day. It was a lovely sunny day but the wind was cold.

I highly recommend the road from Beulah to Tregaron. Beautiful!

So here are my thoughts on Gerbing gloves. We were riding in high single figures with quite a bit of windchill. The glove controller has four settings, the higher two have to be manually enabled as there is a warning about how hot they get. I found on setting one and two I was quite comfortable but spent most of the day on the third setting. The gloves dont seem terribly well insulated, if you turn the heat off they cool down in seconds and are cold within a minute. They are new so they feel a bit stiff at the moment. The fourth setting I suspect can cause burns. The gloves provide all around hand heat so you dont feel a hot spot and like a lobster, have no idea you are slowly cooking yourself. When riding though, they are loads better than heated grips, making your hands comfortable and there are no tingly fingers as they get cold operating the clutch and brake in traffic.

Connecting the gloves to the connectors fed down my jacket sleeves was a bit of a faff at first but I better at it through the day. the same applies when connecting the connector at the bottom of my jacket to the connector that is at the front of my seat. I didn’t remember to disconnect it once before getting off the bike through the entire day. This tends to pull the wires down leaving a long lead hanging from your jacket. Gerbing don’t provide a way to secure the wires in the jacket. I have sewn velcro into Clair’s jacket to hold it in place.

I was quite frustrated with the Gerbing out of the box setup. The wires are too short, making the controller hard to operate, it’s like they want you to keep it in your pocket which would track water in when it rains. My first attempt at fitting Clair’s was hopeless, the wires from the controller go up the sleeves and to the gloves but are so short that I attempted sewing the controller to the bottom edge of the jacket as a sensible location for it. The problem with that is you can’t see the controller. Since then I have chopped all the wires, soldered in extra wire, fitted connectors for easy removal and fitted the controllers to our fuel tanks. I also lengthened the wires routed through our jackets. It looks like the problem we had is with my modification to that length of wire. Although, when I put a multimeter on, it tested out fine. 😦 Oh well, I will fix it before the next ride.

Oh and my brand new mirror came loose….

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