Reality is a scary thing!

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Well reality its self isn’t scary as such, just the reality of a situation. When you have little burst of what is to come and you realise that maybe you might not be up to the task ahead.

We went for a little ride yesterday (out for 7 hours), we covered many of the roads we’ve done before. I was quite happy to pootle along on nice sweepy roads and enjoy the view. But it wasn’t long before No 1 husband suggested we follow a road less travelled and my heart dropped. He’s right to take these roads because I really need the practice. But I like most people don’t like to do things I feel I’m not good at, that I find hard and stressful. Again he is right they are just roads, albeit with gravel all over the place and rather interesting drops to either side, did I mention the gravel!! He sees them as fun where I see them as challenging and hard. Its a bit like being scared of spiders, (go with me on this) if they don’t bother you, you just see a small creature that’s more worried of you than you of them. However if you have a fear of spiders that little tiny creature becomes a huge tarantula ready to eat you head! That’s how I feel about gravel, mud, water and edges, particularly edges. Big drop offs fill me with terror and dread and I’m sure the edge will just suddenly fall away.

So at this point I wonder if I need my bumps felt, can I really do this journey. Well the answer is of course I can. Because like any fear you can get over it, you can become more resilient and you can find the fun in the fear (well that’s my hope).

Mission “GET OVER IT” begins with immersion therapy, time to ride the roads that I don’t like and start doing a bit of reading about how to handle a bit of light off-roading.

On another point, I really thought cutting my hair would help it be more a manageable. WRONG!!!


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