Staying in touch.

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Running off into the sunset has its downsides. One of them is keeping in touch with family. It’s been a source of concern for both of us that my parents are both in the age range of 39 and above. In fact my mom has been 39 for the last 48 years. Clair and I are iPhone users and both mom and dad would really like to know where we are.

To that end we bought her an iPad so she can use Find a Friend to keep track of us on our travels, not to mention keep in touch via WhatsApp. Mom’s actually a regular user of an android smart phone so we’re hoping the iPad will work out for her and allow her to see pictures and video more easily.

We also joined her to this blog so with a bit of luck, she’ll read this on her iPad having been notified by email of this update.

Hi mom! Here’s a picture of your No.2 daughter in law.

Clair on her Versys on Ben’s ride part three.

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