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You would think we would have finalised this by now, but NO! Two head strong people in the same room with various boxes and bags, some waterproof, some not. Others with liners, others lockable. As you can imagine the possibilities are endless, add to that that the two people in question have different priorities. I’m concerned more about health, wellbeing and comfort. Stuart is more concerned about the technical side of thing and mostly my comfort (which is really sweet, but I’m not that fragile).

It’s been like an endless game of Tetris that’s gone on for months and months. As always we are both right in our own ways and everything that is important to each other matters to both, just in different ways. So after a couple of hours an some tense moments and much grinding of teeth we have an agreement, which will be trialed next weekend when we go to the Touratech rally near Swansea. Hopefully the current loading will work (fingers firmly crossed, but I’m not holding my breath).

I think it’s safe to say the limbo land we find ourselves in in slowly driving us both mad. Normally I’m the panickier, that runs around achieving very little but looking like I’m very busy. Stuarts role in the voice of reason and calm, which mostly makes me want to slap him at times (when will men learn that being rational in the face of a crazy woman does not work!), but I generally see his point in the cold light of day. However we find our self in a new place were we’re both on edge and suffering the occasional crisis of confidence. A new dynamic arrises which I’ll be honest is not helpful.

So what do we do?

What we always do, talk it through and remember to be kind and patient with one another. After all this is a choice and should be exciting not painful. The advice we have given ourselves is basically don’t sweat the small stuff, oh and everything is small stuff.

This could also help………

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