Touratech Weekend

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We went to the Touratech 2019 event last weekend. This is an event where lots of adventure motorcyclists go. Touratech sell clothing and bike gear aimed at big off road bikes, particularly KTM and BMW. We went with Clair’s brother Paul. Paul is also my oldest friend, we have been mates since I was 13. In case Sue, his wife, is reading this, he was very well behaved.

As with anything we do at the moment, it was a test of our gear and how we are setup for the longer travels we are planning. One thing I tested was a piece of software called Relive. You can see below how it tracked my wrong turn at Leominster. Amazingly we only did one wrong turn due to my Garmin sat nav throwing several wobblies on the way including completely quitting and saying it couldn’t calculate the route. Oh well, it was back to the TomTom on my phone.

Lost in Leominster!

The weekend went very well, a bit rainy on the way but upon arrival, nothing but sunshine. We sat in on one talk by a couple who have travelled extensively on bikes and it was nice to hear that we seem to be on the right track as far as planning and mindset are concerned. In other words. Dont try and plan too much, dont try and go too fast through every country, go on whatever bike you like. All stuff we have settled on.

Of course, we will get lots of things wrong too. thats a given. One thing we are certain we have wrong is our sleeping arrangements. We have sacrificed a large portion of carrying space on roll mats and good quality mummy bags with a couple of self inflating pillows each. We now think that mummy bags, while warm might not be our best choice. I think we’re too fat for them and also theres a lot to be said being able to zip a couple of bags together.

We took a ride around the black mountains on Saturday, it was very nice, dry roads and sunny, exactly right for getting on the bikes. It was also a good chance to practice with my camera, something I have no skill for.

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