Long way round

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I’ve found myself wanting to re-watch the Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Borman. We’ve probably watched this series and the Long Way Down several times. Particularly the the first one resonates with me, sometimes I’m Ewan and sometimes I’m Charlie. Mostly I’m Ewan, concerned, frightened or worried that I’m going to spoil the trip, due to my lack of off road experience and over developed sense of self preservation.

Stu is so Charlie, “it’ll be fine” or “you’ll be great or ” I believe in you”. But how can he when I’m convinced I’m going to fall off before we’ve left Willenhall.

For me everything is riding on the trial run, but the fun won’t start until we hit part two, The America’s!

Are we mad? Best not to answer that 😉.

On the plus side most of our lovely customers/ clients have found a new IT home, so we can move on with a clear mind.

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