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We’re getting our vaccinations done at the moment. These are the ones we have to pay for. We’ve spent over £500 so far, only another hundred or so to go.

Given the seven day gap between shots we took off for an all up trial run on the bikes immediately after getting The first rabies plus yellow fever and meningitis. By all up, I mean we packed as if we were off on our tour which actually starts in three weeks now.

All was well and we learned a lot about packing the bikes, what was missing and what we shouldn’t have taken. We moved nearly every day, stopping in Cumbria and various spots around Dumfries and Galloway. As the week went by we found ourselves unaccountably tetchy with each other. We had spats about stupid stuff such as how to repack stuff or put the tent up. We do bicker at times but this was out of sorts for us. Heading home on the Sunday utterly wiped us both out, physically and mentally but on Monday we were back into town for the second rabies shot. By this time we were both really achy and it took us another day or so to realise we were both suffering side effects from the yellow fever shots!

After nearly a week back home, we’re feeling back to normal thank goodness but we both really felt under the weather for a while.

Anyway, a few shots from our jolly:

Wild camping at Stranraer: we found a river side spot to watch the ferries to Ireland.
Castle Cary: the site of a burnt out castle and our last tent argument!
Plus we got some washing done.
A rainy day in Dumfries.
A beautifully sunny Kirkcudbright.
We found a wind farm. Dumfries roads seem to be good A roads or tracks that pass through someone’s farm. This was one of the latter.
The living room is a bit smaller than we’re used to.

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