Its not all good news.

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Watching your son cartwheel off his bike after what had been a nice family evening out is not what I expected.

We had a ride out together on our three bikes last night. On the way back, I had just said goodbye to Al and he had gone ahead by a few cars when he collided with one of them. I didn’t see what happened but I do have the image frozen in my mind as both he and the bike flipped into the air as they span across the road. It was horrifying to see especially as a parent. Time freezes for a few seconds and it is truly horrifying to watch because in those seconds anything could happen.

However, this isn’t really a bad new post. Instead its worth talking about the people. Three girls in a taxi behind Al who immediately leaped out and called an ambulance, stayed with Al and comforted him as he lay in the road. The other driver who was very, very shocked but was able to help me get the bike off Al’s leg. The first aider who stopped and used her car to block the road where Al was lying. The ambulance crew, the police and a passer by who helped the driver who became more and more upset and shocked by the accident and finally Al who despite breaking his collar bone, was calm throughout. In fact, it may be the least I have seen him swear for some time.


      1. All our best wishes to Al for a speedy recovery. It must have been a terrible shock for you both. Glad you had all that support around you. Sheila and Brian xx


      2. Thank Sheila. It was amazing how everyone responded. The girls in the taxi were so quick that I left them to get on with it and made the scene as safe as possible.


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