They’re popular, these Kawasaki Versys 650’s

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My younger brother bought a Versys 650 so for a week, we had four in the family until Al smashed his up on Friday. I got the chance to ride it on Sunday and I was really struck by how different it feels to mine and Clair’s bikes. There are only cosmetic differences between our models as standard but I have made many mods to our bikes to make ours much better for distance riding. The two things that really showed up for me is how different having a decent screen and lowered foot pegs make it feel. On Ian’s I felt my legs were more bent and wow it was windy even at low speed compared to ours. It also felt a lot more sporty with the lower screen where as our bikes feel a bit slower and heavier.

Ian's 2012 Versys 650
Ian’s 2012 Versys

It made me really think about the number of changes I have made to the bikes over the last few months. There are many of which, one of the days, I will get around to blogging about but to supply some context, the bikes are worth about £3000 unmodified but we have probably spent about another £2500 on each bike. There are all sorts of things from metal belly pans fitted under the plastic trim around the engine to the handlebar mounted remote control for our helmet intercoms.

My somewhat less tidy 2008 Versys

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