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So whoever is already following, knows our boy had a tumble on his bike. It’s safe to say no one is to blame for the accident, other than youthful confidence and general lack of attention on both parts.

This opens a tricky problem to the want to be traveller who has children. The shit has hit the fan, what do you do?

He’s 21 so surely he is a adult and I can move on with my plans, but the fact he’s 6″ 5″ and built like a truck, living in his own home with his girlfriend, I still feel like I’ve got to be MOM.

I think there are people that judge me because I’m the female, therefore I shouldn’t leave aforementioned child let alone a broken aforementioned child. But at what point is it okay to do your own thing? At what age are your children okay to leave to their own devices? I suppose the real question should be, is the adult/child okay with it and do they have an additional support network? In our case yes and yes, in fact just yesterday he told us to get out of dodge and enjoy.

So I think on this occasion I will let the student become the master and take his advice.

Happy trails, roll on the 6th July, let the journey commence!

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  1. We’ll all be here for him. I know what you mean though but put into another perspective…couldn’t it be him that is off and travelling now and you still at home.
    Get on her bikes 😉

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