And they’re off.

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A year ago today, we updated our big plan to travel on motorbikes rather than the motorhome. Today we left everyone and everything we know behind and started the first three months of our tour.

Both Clair and I want to thank everyone we know for their support and advice as we put this all together and finally hit the road.

Most especially, in the last few days, my mom and dad and Carl and Siobhan have been superb, giving us places to rest our heads and do the final steps of getting ready to leave. When we left, Paul, Sue, Ian, Carl and Siobhan joined us for the first hour. As you might expect, it poured it down the whole way to Hinckley where we had lunch.

Finally we had a great time at the Old Rose and Crown bike meet last night. Rachelle baked us a cake!


  1. It’s been really great to be able to listen in and maybe even offer some advice on this great adventure you have been planning for the past year.
    And then yesterday you went! My little sis, who is not just my sister but my best friend, and Stu my other best friend of over 30 yrs who is more like a brother.
    All I can say to you both is have the greatest time. Ride safe.
    See you both in 3 months.
    Love Paul n Sue

      1. Looking at some of the photos of the pair of us we seem to have left some things behind us(hair) but gained in others(fat).
        It’s been real man!!!

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