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What have learned so far In the first two days?

Ferry car decks can be treacherously slippery. A biker in front of us on the Calais ferry literally went sideways along the deck. He stayed on but was shaking like a leaf.

We don’t understand french. But that’s ok, the French don’t understand us. Although we can use lots of french words, they don’t make a sentence.

Belgium drivers are superb. They are courteous and lane discipline is great. Netherlands drivers are suicide jockies that make all their motorways like the M25 in rush hour.

It only takes one U turn before I ride on the wrong side of the road.

If the receptionist at todays first campsite hadn’t spoken good English, we would have been running around naked on a naturist site.

We ran out of words we knew when we left France. We knew no Belguim words but we weren’t there long and now we don’t know any Dutch in the Netherlands.

Tomorrow we won’t know any German.


  1. Dutch spoke better English than me when I was there. But there again I am a Dingle. Funnily enough the Yanks thought I was Dutch when I went to the States.
    Ride Safe.

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