Settling in

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After a strange first few days, it seems like we are finally settling into the routine. Clair may not agree with this statement.

We are in north west Germany at the moment which we got to a lot more quickly than planned. That’s because on Sunday, after exiting the ferry we rode to the top corner of France without touching a motorway.

It was long, slow and very relaxing. It was our intention to travel the 100km to Ghent the next day for two days of rest but I got in a flap about our itinerary. So the next day we ploughed up the motorways of Belgium and into the Netherlands.

The Netherlands. Well, all that we saw of it.

We found a locals campsite ( apart from about 15 Irish tourists ) and the next day hit the motorways again to get into Saxony. Anyway, we have taken stock and today was a much more relaxed jaunt, a lot of it on local roads.

Nordenham, Germany. Life goes on. And it was wash day.
Wacken, Germany. There was a Netto and a cool sign.

Finally, we think we have a handle on things, we are moving north tomorrow into Denmark, probably along the western coast before heading north east on Friday. We plan to spend two night at a bikers campsite and to touch base with some locals before moving on to the bikers rest site near Hirtshals where we’ll pick up the ferry to Norway. A much, much more relaxed ride than we have done.

Denmark. We’re coming! Ready or not!

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