We’ve come how far….

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It’s day 5 and we’re in Denmark at a truly lush campsite. Oddly the pitch is not great, but that really doesn’t matter with all of the facilities available. Full kitchens (indoor and outdoor), BBQ pits, fabulous showers and everywhere is clean and tidy.

One of the things that stood out was the way the other campers behaved. They sat together and talked over dinner, wine and beer was consumed but not too much. And when dinner was finished everyone cleaned up after themselves, even down to wiping the tables. This is something I’ve seen a lot as we’ve travelled through, people seem to be a little more thoughtful and considerate. With the exception of drivers in the Netherlands who all seem to have a death wish.

We’ve kept away from all of the normal tourist traps, so we’ve spent more time in the company of locals. Although this has made communication tricky, we’ve managed okay with hand gestures and even used google translate in the local supermarket. It’s safe to say google has made our life a lot easier, particularly when looking up campsites.

Tomorrow we are heading for MC Touring Campsite in Kolind, this is a dedicated motorcycle campsite owned by the Denmark motorcycle club. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet some people that we’re able to talk to!

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