MC Touring Camp. Denmark

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Something that does not seem to exist in the UK is a place like the MC Touring Camp in Denmark. On the face of it, this should be something any biking club should do but I guess there is something about the UK that stops it, or maybe no-one has got around to it.

The camp is in the east area of Denmark and is a run by a non profit motorcycle organisation. It was paid for originally by the members of which there is around 40,000. If anyone has been to a rally or club meet for anything they will have been involved in the camaraderie of that one weekend of the year, whether it is boating, biking, cars, whatever really. You turn up on a Friday afternoon, put your tent up, have a few drinks and chat away to people you have never met about your particular interest. MC Touring camp is like that but its every day, its a campsite and on a weekend its a meetup of hundreds of people and it’s all about bikes.

The site is set in a wooded area with narrow paths into various spaces from enough for one tent to glades big enough for 50 people.

Clair found it by asking on FB of any biker related things to do while we had five days in Denmark. As luck would have it we were going within 100 km of it anyway so it would have been rude not to show up.

The campsite is situated in what is claimed to be some of the best biking roads in Denmark and as to that I can only express disappointment. Danish roads are not great, they are flat, straight and the blanket 80kmh speed limit is only good for fuel economy. However, the campsite is something else. What you have there is a modern campsite that is actually the cheapest site we have stayed on with excellent facilities. That said, its the people that make it, not the site itself. There hundreds of people there and they were from all walks of life and they came from all over. We bumped into a Scot called Mike, a Norwegian called Hilda and many, many more. We were made welcome. Most people had a grasp of English which was a relief as we had only a smattering of French and German. It took four people, both behind and in front of the bar to help me with the food menu. One guy came and asked about some mods to my bike and I ended up disassembling things and writing some web searches in English to help him find the same thing, another went out of his way to help us find the right names for camping shops. A family of three bikers came marching over to me as I sat by our tent last night. “English????” the woman asked. I was thinking I was in trouble because of Brexit but I had nowhere to go and admitted it. “Where did you get those chairs?” she asked and another hour was lost in conversation as they all sat in the chairs to try them out.

So would I recommend a visit to MC touring camp? YES! Denmark is friendly anyway and the bikers in Denmark are brilliant, going out of thier way to speak in a language many find difficult to people from a country whose education system fails them in languages. I cant tell you how many times someone would ask a question in Danish or German and would quickly switch to English when they realised I didn’t understand.

So, if your a biker looking for a different experience, its certainly a good place to go.


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