Bikers Rest, Denmark. 14/07/2019

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We left Denmark a few days ago and our last night there was at the Bikers Rest ( near Lokken. It was an experience and I am sure some it was our past experiences adding colour but some of it was plain strange.

Our room was huge but like the rest of the place, odd.

The Bikers Rest is a campsite, B&B, bunkhouse and bar. We booked a room a couple of days in advance which is pretty organised for us. When we got there we went into the bar area where we met Ulla. Ulla and Kai run Bikers Rest. One of the most telling sentences she used was to say, “you will not be disappointed by the service, there is no service.” She wasn’t kidding. We thought we had booked into a biker oriented B&B but we realised this was not the case as Ulla showed us around. She took us first of all into the house. There is a house and a barn, we’ll get to that. In the house she showed us the downstairs shower, kitchen and then to the fridge. Bikers Rest’s idea of B&B is that you make your own breakfast. We’ve never seen this before but in the fridge would be placed the making of a breakfast which we discovered was one egg (“Dont try and peel the egg, it is raw”), one slice of bacon, two small pieces of cold meat, one square of cheese, three pieces of bread, a little bit of jam and some butter. The meat was all individually wrapped in clingfilm from what we could tell. We had paid extra for breakfast.

We also paid for bedding. That is not standard. Alas the idea of a double bed is also a little lost on them. Our room was a bargain, we paid for a double room and got two double beds, a single bed and a double bed settee. Luxury, except the double beds were singles pushed together and the bedding was one thin pillow each and single duvet each.

However, while breakfast and bedding was odd, the layout is great. If you supply your own bedding and breakfast it is cheap to stop at by any measure.

Outside the house is the barn which houses two bars, a second kitchen area, more showers and more rooms. The two bars are adjacent and the back end of the barn is where all the visitors bikes were stored. There were rooms everywhere including three bunk room in the bike storage area. Those guests had their very own portaloo on a pallet next to all the bikes.

The bar / reception
The other bar which was also an indoor smoking area.

We paid in advance and that is when they also sell you Bikers Rest tokens. They run an honesty bar and a fridge full of cans and bottles. Each token was 10 Danish Crowns. If it was in the fridge, 10 crowns, if you had something from behind the bar, 20 crowns. “If you run out of tokens, don’t call us. Mark on a pad how many tokens you will owe us and we will settle up in the morning.”

So we settled in, I was able to use the barn to get my tools out and do some running repairs to my bike. Then hit the bar for three small cans of beer each and marked our overspend on the pad.

In the morning we settled up, part of which involved Clair having to strip the bedding and give it to Kai. Like I said, wierd!

However, that said, I would recommend it as a place to stop over at. I wouldn’t pay for bedding or breakfast. There are ample shops 4 km down the road at Lokken to get better food for a lot less money. Kai and Ulla were helpful and friendly. We had the chance to chat with several people including to a Dane who has worked all over the world and a Norwegian who turned up 4 days previously and kept getting drunk and staying another night. He had to stop in a different room every night because he hadn’t booked. Of course, it may be that the way it is operated is normal for the area but it was new on us and so completely odd.

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