Norway, 18/07/19 – 21/07/19

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We’re still here!

Things a re going remarkably well. We only know to one thing that we forgot which was our DAB radio and as it happens we haven’t missed it.

So whats happened in the last few days? I fretted about how much stuff we are carrying, I fretted about how much everything costs, I fretted about how fast / slow we are going on any given day, Clair was pretty calm damn her!

We have moved west for a couple of days already and finally got to Lysebotn. This is one of my marks on the map that I wanted to see. The road into Lysebotn looks like this:

The second picture is from the satnav which shows there is a tunnel near the bottom which had to be dug into the mountain to get the road down to the village. Its famous as a tourist destination and you can catch a ferry to Stavanger from the village as long as you book at least a week in advance We didn’t do that because we didn’t know when we would be there. What no one tells you is the road to get to the top of the hill is 23km of windy roads over some breath taking hills, lakes and valleys. Technology got the better of me on this one. I wanted to video it. Clair’s camera had a great big dead bug on the lens and mine had a full data card. 😦

Its worth mentioning the things we got wrong about this time too. When we packed the bikes we packed for comfort to some extent and had some self inflating roll mats. Both of them failed the previous night so we had to ride into Stavnager to find a shop that would stock something to replace them.

We also dumped a few kilos of weight in other ways, out 6 litre water container was great but that went. Some of the waterproof bags in the panniers came out and got recycled into holding the chairs and the new mats. The great idea of my topbox holding our kitchen stuff was just too heavy at the back so we repacked everything from scratch.

Slowly but steadily we are shedding stuff we just don’t need.

Anyway, Stavanger is where we stopped for our fourth night on a state run campsite in the city. That was noisy (construction work until 3am) but the facilities were first rate.

We then moved onto route 13 via the Tau ferry which with the layout of the roads is about the only road to take unless you’re going to Bergen. Route 13 is a tourist road heading north through the usual boring Norway scenery of sheer cliffs, waterfalls, tunnels, blah blah blah. I must be getting used to it! We stopped at Hjelmeland at a small village campsite for a couple of nights. Partly because of rain and partly to regroup. We don’t like to do too many miles in a day and we need a day off every couple of days. However, by the end of the second night we were in serious danger of the tent sinking in the waterlogged grass. It was fun while it lasted, we chatted to people from all over Europe, a Fin turned up on the same bike as we are on, we had a superb sunset, ice cream and a monster four wheel drive all terrain motorhome showed up too.

Continuing up route 13 we get wetter and wetter as the rain poured down. Eventually we decied to get a room at a ski chalet where we turned on the under floor heating to maximum and spread all our stuff out on the floo so it would dry out.

Tonight we have a real bed! bliss.


  1. Can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying your blog. As soon as I get an e:mail to say you’ve posted another I can’t wait to see where you are and what your doing. I think I’m living vicariously through your journey. Keep it up and I’m glad your living your dream.


    1. Oh thank you Lynne! I enjoy doing it and hopefully we’ll be able to remember most of it by looking back at our scribbles.


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