Have I told you I don’t like tunnels….

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So it turns out that there are lots and lots of tunnels in Norway and I’ll be honest I’m really not a fan. I suffer with a bit of night blindness, which makes several kilometres of badly lit tunnel a bit of a challenge. Having said that today I think I would have preferred the 20 something km tunnel to the mountain pass from Stegastein look out to Lærdalsøyri. The roads were tight and it was so high, words and photos just don’t explain how eye wateringly high. Add to that quite a bit of cloud with visibility down to a few meters and cold and wet. I’m a bit ashamed to say I was terrified, to the point where I actually had quite a tearful breakdown near the summit. But I kept going and despite the fact Stuart knew I was very angry with him (because I’d said several times I didn’t want to go that way) he was very patient and considerate. Once we’d started to go down and I could see again, I was able to calm my self down and start to enjoy the views.

I suppose it’s like everything really, once you’ve done it a couple of times the fear factor is removed and you can just get on with it. By the end of the day we’d done several passes and tight twisty roads without any hysterics from me.

It’s fair to say although I’ve had a bike licence for over 20 years, up to now I’ve be a joy rider. Never really covered any distance and never really covered any challenging roads. I can confidently say that’s changed and day by day my confidence and skill is growing. There’s still a lots of work todo but happily I’m looking forward to doing it and at the moment I’m happy to get on my bike every morning and ride (which I didn’t think would happen).

BTW Norway is stunning and everyone should visit (particularly on a bike 🏍)


  1. You’re my hero Clair. Pushing the boundaries each day. Just keep on surprising yourself. Stu ain’t bad either!😀. Ride safe.


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