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Accidents are always unexpected. Last nights accident may not come as a surprise to some who know me, it involved a cup of tea.

We were sitting on a bench by our tent and had just made tea when our combined weight caused it to tip over. My beautiful fresh cup of Lipton’s poured over my face chest and arm. We rolled away from the bench and I instantly pulled my t-shirt off. Within those few seconds a chunk of skin was hanging off my chest. We were right by a water point and Clair quickly soaked my t-shirt and tried to cool it off.

At first I thought it was ok but Clair helped me into a cold shower and it became obvious I needed medical attention. I was quivering with the pain. The camp warden called for a van and within a few minutes we were at the local ambulance station, then into an ambulance where I started to get some attention. By this time I had large blisters on my arm and chest.

The ambulance staff were great and after treating the burns for a while we were driven to a local medical centre.

In turn, I was despatched to Molde hospital an hours drive, a ferry and three tunnels (surprise!) away.

During all this time I was getting excellent care with my burns dressed and cold saline run over them the entire time.

I can report that morphine definitely works for me! Second degree burns hurt!

We got to hospital where the level of care was incredible and by 2am I was in theatre getting dead skin cut off by a surgeon.

It’s sounds terrible and it was for both of us. Throughout Clair was her usual brilliant self. Firstly helping keep the burns cool and at hospital she was on the phone getting the medical insurance claim sorted.

The quality of care was awesome, I came out of the OR and was wheeled into a room where not only had they organised a bed for Clair, they even got her a nighty and a coffee.

This morning Clair was busy again. While I was getting discharged she was four miles up the road getting a hire car from the airport. Now we’re booked into a motel so I can recuperate. This afternoon she is going to get the bikes moved to the motel. What a brilliant wife.

So that’s it. Second degree burns over 2% of my once lovely body. I’m sure she still loves though 😉.

We will be back on the road in a week or so but for now we’re going to use a little Toyota Yaris to do a bit of touring.


  1. Oh my goodness Stuart! I’m glad you’re ok and you’ve both got time to recuperate from the shock and the emergency. I hope you recover quickly and enjoy where you are now in the Toyota.


  2. You need a lidded cup with a straw at your age any way Stu , let this be a lesson to you 😂.
    Seriously though get well soon and best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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