Ouch…. continued

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My little accident has really messed our itinerary up. We had planned as part of our Norway visit to run right the way up to Nordkapp, the most northern point in Europe before coming back south through Finland. We had always looked at this part of the journey as a goal To be reached and it always depended on the weather. Getting there also required that we got there early enough in the year.

When I got burned, Clair got us a hire car and a motel and I thought six days would see us on the road again, even if we had short days of travelling to start with.

The reality is that I have two large open wounds with minor burns around them and the pain has been excruciating to say the least. Clair has her doubts from the start about my optimism. She was right. Today I had to face reality and we have decided to stay put for another week.

It’s fair to say that this has knocked me back. Getting a serious injury can hurt in many ways and I have had to rely on Clairs patience. After the literal highs of the mountain pass. The superb vistas and everything we have done over the last few weeks, this is a low point.

It’s something we had discussed as almost certain to happen, that one of us might be ill for a time and that we would have to stay still for a period but of course the reality of the situation is far worse.

Today we went out in the hire car. 4 miles down the road, a ice cream and a drink later, I had reached my physical limit.

So what I’m saying is that Clair was right, I was wrong. I need more time to recuperate. I also need to say thank you Clair for looking after me, being patient when I am sitting in agony and not being as well behaved as I should be and just being a steady hand when I would have been stupid and risked making things worse.

Thank you Clair.


  1. Well done Clair and hope you give your body time to heal Stuart, just a little blip but I’m sure that you will know when to continue your trip. Listen to your body but mainly listen to she who should be obeyed and you will be fine. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  2. Staurt.. have you not realised that by now that the woman is always right!! :)…. get well soon and take care.and well done Claire.


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