Aursjøvegen – One of our tour highlights so far.

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Norway is famous for its its mountain roads and we have seen the most well known two in the south, Trolsteigen and Lysebotn. Both are a set of switchbacks that wind down a mountain with smooth tarmac and both are a draw for tourists (and coaches). Aursjøvegen is a lot less known and in my view a lot better because of it. It is 121km of road in a loop, a part of which is a private toll road that raises up to 950m, follows a plateau and then winds back down over 24km. We stumbled onto it in the hire car which we have been using due to the burns I got over a week ago which is also why I don’t have many photos.

The visitors website is here: and it has much better photos than I can take.

For me,this has been one of my highlights, even though we did it in a car. For Clair, not so much. This was one that really brought out her fears of this sort of road which was often gravel or broken tarmac. When you are going up the mountain, see that the barriers are all leaning away as erosion has loosened them or that that there are no barriers at all certainly brings your mortality to the forefront of your mind.

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