Pot luck – How we met Jonny and Janita

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As everyone following us knows, we are in Norway. Wa hey!

We joined bunk a biker Norway and on our first request we were offered a bed by Jonny Skar. (I never mentioned to him what a cool name that is!)

So we left Isenford Motel and rode up to the house he shares with Janita.

We have never done this before, in fact neither had Jonny and Janita and I admit we were nervous. We just didn’t know what to expect and they had let a couple of complete strangers into their home.

We found their house which is a wonderful place, we knew we had the right house when we saw their bikes. As soon as we stopped they came out and were great company from the moment we got there until the moment we left. We last saw them waving out of the window at us and I can’t tell you how grateful we are and how lucky we felt to have met them.

They put us up in their spare bedroom and we slept in a double bed for the first time in more than 30 days. They were great company, we talked late into the evening and they made food for us, both for breakfast and evening meal. We left their house with a real wow factor having experienced a little bit of the real Norway.

We also got to see them again, half an hour up the road I realised I had left my toiletries bag behind, it was nice to visit again!

So, Thank you Jonny and Janita, it was a real pleasure for us, I hope it was for you and if you have other people to stop with you I am sure that will have as nice a time as we did.

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