Tears and tantrums….

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So we are at the start of week 5 and it’s safe to say there have been some highs and lows (Some of them literally). We find ourself today camped at the edge of a fjord with a beach, loos and a fire pit (bonus!!!!). I feel like it’s time to reflect on the last couple of weeks that have been difficult to say the least.

Stu’s accident was a total rug pulled moment, the pain, discomfort, the sleepless nights and that was just me. Initially I was quite calm, organised and very pragmatic about the whole thing. Then reality kicked in, the costs started to mount the wounds looked so bad and were terrifically painful and we really thought we were going to be stuck the the finest Isfjorden Motel (yes that’s sarcastic).

Cabin fever struck fairly quickly and patience’s were frayed. The row we had about parking the hire car will probably stay with me for quite some time. As will the look on Stuart’s face when I tried to clean his chest wound.

I can confirm that we’ve both been a little shaken and whilst there’s no real doubts that we are going to continue our adventures, the reality is not always as shiny as the dream.

So I sit here a little wiser, but more determined than ever to keep moving and exploring.

Turns out you just need a couple of good days to recharge your batteries and find you sense of humour (it’s mostly back I promise ).

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  1. Glad you’re back on it. Take it steady. Get lots more pics and make more memories, good ones please!! Though the adverse ones will make great stories later. Ride safe. Love ya both.


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