Lofoten Islands, Norway

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We left the hobbit house a Kjelling and caught the ferry to Lofoten islands. Get there early is my advice! we were literally squeezed on at the back and we had to park the bikes sideways to get them to fit. Quite a few cars didn’t get on. It was jammed! It’s a four hour ferry ride to get to the southern tip of the islands.

Lofoten Islands reminded us both of the NC500 in Scotland. Too busy, too touristy (of which we were part of the problem) and unfortunately suffering from development of huge tunnels and road bridges. As a result we didn’t really get that much out of it. That’s not to say that it isn’t beautiful, it truly is but we really thought that we didn’t get it. The best part for both of us was the first village after coming off the ferry which was picturesque but completely jammed with cars and people walking up and down.

We camped for two nights on Lofoten Beach camp site near the south end of the islands. We pitched the tent ten feet from the beach itself and other than a quick trip to the local shops we lazed about in the sun for a day. We got a fantastic sunset on the first evening, athough the sun sets every evening, it never gets dark.

Camp Lofoten Campsite has its share of beautiful sunsets
Look at my fat belly!!

However, after two nights we were off again, moving north up the E10 which hops between islands via tunnels and many, many bridges. Lofoten islands are huge and it took most of the day to ride along and finally exit over yet another 2km long suspension bridge. The day was colder, in part because we have been heading further and further north.

We had decided to wild camp again and the evening of Day37 of our trip saw us camped under a bridge at Straumsnes. It was a dusty car park with nothing to recommend it other than it was free and yet again we were treated to a sunset.

When its free, you get what you pay for!
The view wasn’t bad. I had to dodge the seagull poo when taking this one from the bridge.

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