The reluctant motorcyclist

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Odd title I know, but bare with me.

As some people know when we first started to think about running away and living on the road, we were going to use our Motorhome (The Boat). However I knew that Stuart really wanted to do some extended travel on the bikes, ideally on two but he’d have coped with me as a pillion. I didn’t feel that was realistic as I’d been ill on and off for a couple of years (turned out to be depression) and I just couldn’t see how I’d be physically up to it.

So when I first suggested to Stuart that maybe we could do it on the bikes with maybe an extended trail run to see if it worked. His first reaction was anger as we’d spent a small fortune making to Motorhome ready to live on and also I don’t think he actually thought I meant it. To be honest I’m not sure I did, but I really wanted him to have that experience.

This is where it reluctant part comes in, please forgive me for jumping about in my time line. Hopefully it’ll all make sense in the end.

I only learned to ride when I was 18, because all of my group did (the guys anyway), I thought it would be quite cool and sexy to be a girl on a bike and finally it was cheap to buy and learn to ride a bike. It wasn’t my first choice and when I got round to learning to drive I would choose that over riding any day. Again in the interest of being honest I only got a bike when Stuart started riding again in 2013 because I didn’t want to be left out (yes very childish 😬). But my first choice would always be the car. A ride out was always done slightly reluctantly. I generally enjoyed it once we got going, but I could never see the point of just going for a ride. This sets me apart I think for my fellow riders, generally bikers are a passionate bunch.

Coming back to present day, once the idea to go on the bikes was in the air, the idea grew legs and ran and I just had to keep up. But I’ve had lots of time to think and I’ve come to one conclusion, I wanted to do it on bikes too. Honestly that’s quite a revelation for me, I’ve told my self, Stuart and anyone that would listen it’s been for him. But I know now I really wanted to see if I’d got it in me (not that it been that challenging by most peoples standards) to ride daily, ride interesting roads and live a bit rough 😉.

Six weeks in and in some ways I don’t think I’ve ever been happier, more confident and I’m certainly physically and mentally better than I’ve been for years.

So bring it on world I’m ready for it!! (Well almost 😂)

Soggy Nordkapp.

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  1. Which bit would you like us all to bare with you. I personally will grin and bear it. Lol. Ok language lesson over. Just got to admire what you’ve undertook here( both of you). But hats off to you sis for going st it full tilt. Ride safe❤️


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