Nordkapp, Norway

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I know I am going to sound like a whinger now but like the Lofoten islands, we came away a bit disappointed. The day before we had an epic day where we set of from Straumsnes early and rode for 530km. What a day! we both just felt like riding. It was chilly but not too cold and we had a really good time. We had planned to wild camp in a lay-by at Alta but the pit toilets smelt so bad we went onwards, eventually getting a great hotel room at the Skaidi hotel at 9pm.

The next day we were only 150km from Nordkapp so we headed on up there. The road was not great, the wind was very gusty at times and it was wet. The last 25km of the run were at 50kmh (30mph) or less in almost zero visibility.

The view from the panoramic windows in the restaurant.

So we got to Nordkapp and there was literally nothing to see except a rather disappointing tourist centre and the eye watering cost of parking which was £52 for the two of us.

Wet, very wet!

The centre consisted of two cafe’s, a post office, a short walk to a room that looped a six minute music and light show, a 15 minute cinema film, a huge souvenir shop, two flights of stairs and a lift (number 8 on the list of items in the guide brochure).

We ventured outside for about 5 minutes for the obligatory pictures by the globe which we couldn’t see from more than 50 feet away and got very wet.

The ride back down the hill in even worse visibility was just awful. Again, 25km of cloud and miserable wet roads.

Still, we bought a couple of t-shirts to prove we had been but if you are thinking of going, my advice it that it is simply not worth the huge effort of driving there.

When we got down to sea level, we could see a cruise ship moored up in the distance and coach after coach heading on up the hill, probably to the extreme disappointment of those who paid to go.

So our visit to Nordkapp can be summed up by the fact that while many locals we chatted to would ask if we were headed North as we travelled, and then if we were going to the cape, anyone who ventured an opinion told us that locals never go there because of how it has been commercialised. They were right.

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