Northern Estonia.

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We’ve spent a few days in North Estonia. We found a hostel just outside Tallin but travelled around the countryside on one bike which was a nice change from carrying all our gear about.

The first snaps were from a tourist route we followed that took us to a church, waterfall, power station and a couple of beach fronts in tiny villages.

The second day we went to Paldiski but spotted a holocaust monument along the way. It was tucked into the trees, about 1.5km from the main road. We didn’t take pictures ourselves but it was horrifying to see the photos of bodies that failed to burn. They had been shot in the back of the head and systematically piled amongst wooden pyres and burned. All to hide the evidence as the Germans fled Estonia near the end of the war. They had already been starving them before choosing to do this. Nearly 2000 Jews were murdered in one day.

On a lighter note we then carried on to Paldiski where we climbed to the top of a lighthouse.

We had to cut the day short though as we realised I had a rear puncture, our second of the trip. Again I plugged it, it was caused by a wire staple. Thankfully, the tools I chose to carry are really proving to be useful as we move along and once again I sent my thanks to Carl for the plug kit he bought me.

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