Broken bike ☹️

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We were riding a gravel road in the far west of Estonia today when my bike broke down.

We had just stopped for a quick break and Clair set off. My bike refused to start. I bumped it into life and got 100 yards before it died. The battery was flat.

Clair came back and not for the first time I was glad we have the same bikes. I was able to do some tests and then swap the batteries over. We bumped Clairs bike into life and it started charging my battery, I fitted her battery to mine and we got back to the campsite 30km away.

I Stripped mine down, started testing and found my stator in the alternator has failed and it has taken the rectifier with it.

We are now searching for parts and a place to make repairs. Hopefully we can get that sorted in Tallin in the next few days and get moving again.

Our only other option is to keep swapping batteries so Clair can charge one while I run the other flat.

Fingers crossed for a repair!

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