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So, we are on the move again and back on a ferry off the island of Saaremaa. After my breakdown yesterday we had hoped to source parts in Tallin but there was nothing available. We set off and then stopped because my back tyre had another puncture. Thanks again Carl! That repair kit is doing its job.

So far though, we got to the ferry some 85km away on my battery and we’re still going strong despite stopping and starting to repair the tyre.

With luck we’ll get to Parnu this afternoon with out having another breakdown.

Despite the technical problems though, we are in great spirits and are having a good time. We plan to return to the UK two weeks early because our tickets to Chile are booked and we want a bit more time as the bikes are going to need some serious maintenance doing before they are shipped.

Saaremaa was lovely but the bugs are huge. We got bitten a lot. Our campsite was owned by a biker and he was really helpful but he was unable to help with sourcing parts.

The site was right next to a beach and we waded about 300m into the Baltic and the water still only came to our knees.

Despite the breakdown yesterday we had a good day and as a bonus our bike trousers don’t smell of wet dog now that Clair has washed them.

We will be in Latvia tomorrow all being well.


  1. Glad you both doing well in the face of adversity. Bulldog spirit, British stiff upper lip and all that chaps.
    Hope you manage to source the parts you need. If anything we can do from this end to help let me know.
    Ride Safe. Luv ya both. 🙂


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