Journeys end!

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Well, four days of motorways all the way from Northern Italy and we are back in the midlands again.

It’s the end of this part of the journey and time to stop, wind down and relax for a couple of days while we get stuff cleaned and put away.

We have done 10429 miles in 76 days. We’ve entered 18 countries. We’ve collectively gone through 6 tyres, 3 punctures. We’ve broken nearly every electronic item including an iPhone 8, a kindle, a garmin satnav, a stator, rectifier and two motorcycle batteries.

However more has gone right than wrong, not least the number of people we have met and new friends we have made, the beautiful places we have visited and the strengthening of our own relationship. We’ve had some hard times but they have all been eclipsed by the good and our willingness to face the problems and get through them.

It’s been an experience which has emboldened us to do more and go further, so as previously mentioned we now start to prepare for South America.


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