20 years

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This day 20 years ago, Clair and I married. We’ve had every shade of good and bad in between but never once, at the start of our marriage did I think we would be celebrating life quite like we are.

Who wouldn’t love that face?

20 years in and we spend every moment of every day together and we love it. After our successful trial run around Europe we have spent the last few weeks fixing the bikes and dreaming of the next leg of our tour.

Clair likes to harass me with inanimate objects. I decided that this is cute and not annoying. #happytimes

One of the reasons, and there were many, for doing what we’re doing is because despite working together for most of the last 20 years, it was still not enough time together. So we came up with this mad plan to spend even more time together. And so far, amazingly, we are as happy today as we have ever been!

The love of my life. 20 years of marriage and still happy.

So, Clair. I love you. Thank you for making this possible and for wanting to spend as much time with me as I want to spend with you. You’re completely mad!


  1. 20 yrs!!! 20yrs!!! My God! Congratulations to my wonderful sister and the best friend a bloke could want.
    Truly an amazing couple who I love to bits. 🥂🥂❤️


    1. Thanks Paul. We both love you right back. You and I have been friends for nearly 40 years!!!!! I was thinking about it and I was 14 when we met.


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