Packing in the rain

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We are finally packing! We have to get everything together, pack the bikes like we are travelling and then take it all off again. Then we pack it for shipping which means removing everything that will set off an X-ray scanner while the bike is in a box.

It’s a case of going through lists of stuff and checking it all against the stuff that is banned for flight. Our freight company Motofreight sent us a useful list with a final warning in big red friendly letters saying, “if in doubt, leave it out”.

Everything that can’t go on the bike and can be hand luggage, all the gadgets and medication, goes in our carry on bags and finally we will have a few items left that are on the excluded items list for which we’ll have to get when we get there.

You may notice that all of this is happening outside by our motor home. The reason for that of course is that we don’t have a house right now and with the rain we’re getting we had to roll out our awning and do it on the driveway at our friends house.

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