And so it begins…

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He always does the hard work.

We have arrived in Santiago and it really does feel quite foreign. It’s hot, busy and a bit frantic if I’m honest. There are still daily protests which are peaceful by days but seem to take a violent turn at night. Although we have only been here 3 days you can see that damage to building a property is happening every night.

Having said that (surprisingly) I haven’t felt unsafe and even went shopping on my own today while Stuart gave another Brit a lift. The plan is to relax at the hostel (which is brilliant) until probably Monday and then head south. We’ve met several people at the hostel that have been here before, so have been given several pointer about where to go and what to see.

Although I was quite worried about driving across the city, it was nowhere as bad as I thought it would be (which is usually the way) and once you’re in the flow it’s not to scary.

As always I have my worries and concerns about my riding abilities. But they aren’t as bad as last time and on the whole I’m looking forward to being challenged. Having seen pictures the guys that have already been touring around have taken I can’t wait to see things up close and personal.

Watch this space…..

Happy to have my bike back.


  1. Bet it was a massive relief to be reunited with your bikes 😅 glad they arrived safely… Now just get on them and go enjoy yourselves 😉


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