Finding my feet

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It’s very pretty here.

Today is the 12th day in Chile and I think it’s probably been our best so far. I’ve written before about our communication not always being the best and this continues to be a problem. Stuart says “it’s fine” and I hear “well if we must”, I say “I’m okay with that” and he hears “if we really have to”. We have a real problem with truly listening to each other and have a terrible tendency to auto fill to what we think is being said. You really would think after all this time together that we’d be better, but NO we aren’t.

So we have both found that yet again being outside our norm we learn more and more about each other and how to really listen and understand each other and I’m happy to report I still really love Stuart and have a boundless respect for his almost unfailing patience and understanding. Hopefully you didn’t miss the almost in that last sentence, we all have to have room for improvement.

For me the last week has been quite hard, I’ve found that not knowing the language has left me feeling very destabilised. And unfortunately my rather thick Black Country accent really doesn’t help even if someone does speak English. It’s likely that we will take some Spanish lessons while we are traveling in addition to following an audio course that Stuart has downloaded. Added to this we have ridden some of the most challenging roads I’ve ever been on in 30C + temperatures (there is video to follow to prove this) and the general roads can be quite exciting. Seriously I will never complain about potholes in the UK again.

But all in it’s proving to be the adventure I hoped for and this is just the beginning!

I’m quietly looking forward to the next challenge.


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