Found them! (Clairs feet that is!)

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I know that Clair often has times when she doesn’t feel confident or even that she deserves to be doing what we are doing. I often feel the same myself. When we rode through Europe in the summer, in many ways it felt more like a holiday and there was almost always someone who spoke English so we rarely felt excluded or lost.

I am lucky, when we have communication problems here in Chile, I am content to smile and shrug and wing it. But I don’t always feel like that, in fact, often I find it hard, not least because despite my efforts to learn some Spanish, I simply cannot tell what people are saying. Luckily I can get the odd word and put together the gist of a question but often, without Clair’s help I would be lost.

When we are on the bikes, Clair often finds the going tough but she really has a tough spirit and as you can see from her camera in this video, she will go almost anywhere. I just wish she wouldn’t keep coming up behind me and shouting “hurry up” when were on the tough stuff.


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