It’s all gone quiet…

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We’re still here in Pucon and we’ve taken ourselves back to school. It’s become fairly obvious that we could get by with pointing, smiling and google translate. But it doesn’t take long to realise that we’ll be really missing out if we do it that way. So two weeks of Spanish lessons have been booked and we have just finished day two. There’s no way we’ll learn enough in two weeks but hopefully that will give us a enough of a start to be able to be polite and ask basic questions.

Our school

The main think for both of us is not to come off like arrogant English travellers that haven’t bothered and for me to feel a little more confident with the bit I already know. After just 6 hours of class time I’ve already started to use more phrases and to speak a little more confidently.

At the start taking two weeks out to take lessons seemed impossible, but we’ve had to realise we’re going to be doing this for a while, so a good foundation is essential. Also after our mechanical problems we now know that being able to communicate effectively is essential.

So tomorrow we’ll be off with our notepads, pens and tea bags (they only have fruit tea at the school 🤢) ready for the knowledge to flow (normally in one ear and out the other).

Revision session.

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