Some room for improvement

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Today we followed a road on the way to a beautiful set of waterfalls before we went for a dip in a lake nearby. As you can see from the video, I got a bit stuck on a steep incline.

Clair was close enough to be able to film my ineptness. The hill was quite steep although you can’t tell from the video so just holding the front brake meant that we slid backwards.

I’m sure I’ll get better.

The waterfalls, Los Okie Caburgua y su Laguna Azul however were worth the effort of riding there, as you can see from the photos. The water comes up out of the ground in places and there are four waterfalls pouring into a lagoon. La Laguna Azul is a crystal clear lagoon that is a startling blue in colour.

we went to Carburgua where I can report that the water was COLD! My own high pitched squealing was drowned out by everyone else’s. The only way to do it was jump off the jetty.

To finish the day, our host cooked us bread and Chilean beans. Muy Bien!

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