Punta Arenas, Chile.

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We exited Argentina and entered back into Chile again. Not surprisingly, still heading south. The landscape had turned quite flat and in the distance we could see the sea.

Several hundred km’s later, finally got to Punta Arenas. We had deliberately avoided the harder roads. We had a quick lunch stop at teh ghost town of San Gregorio. The architecture is all Australian and subtly different to the normal towns we have seen. Nearly every building was derelict, the world has passed this town by.

Punta Arenas itself is a lot larger than we expected. So far south, we were expecting a smallish town but it is very busy. Fortunaltey there is always a sign to take a selfi in front of.

We booked into a superb cabana, I dont know how Clair finds them. It was advertisied for £70 per night but she managed to get it for £35. Amazing.

It was new years eve and we walked into town but everything was quiet. We knew there would be fireworks later but we decided to give them a miss and have a quiet night in.

The next day, I decided it was time to do some maintenance. I gave the bikes a good clean and did a load of spannering, tightening up stuff that was loose and loosening stuff that was too tight.

Overall, the bikes are holding up well. We have had a few problems and a bit of wear and tear. Clair’s rear mudguard has a hole in the top and the mounting points are cable tied. Her headlight bulb has gone for the third time since July, I found my rear tyre is flat again, the fix I made last week has started leaking. My bike has used enough coolant that I had to top it up.

Being New Years Day, most stuff was closed. I went for a short ride in the evening but other than that we had a quiet day.

The next day though was expensive. My rear tyre needed replacing. We had planned to go and see penguins in the afternoon but there wasn’t time. Instead we spent time at La Guirida, a bike shop where I was able to get a tyre. We both had a bit of a moment about spending the money but there really is no option, getting stuck away from a town here can be very inconvenient.

As in Concepcion, they dropped the tyre to a fitter and we took the bike around. Unlike Concepcion, the guy did a fantastic job. So far this week, the bikes have cost us well over £300 in parts. 😦

Soon enough though our journey continued and we left Punta Arenas to head towards the far south of Ushuaia, the end of the world as they call it. Tourism eh?

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