Puerto Natales and Torres Del Paine

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After the hardest two days of riding we can remember, we arrived in Puerto Natales. Accomodation was expensive to say the least so we opted to camp at Campin Guino, a play on Camp Pinguino that took us two days to get.

By the time we stopped, I felt like I was about to faint, the hard ride and a bad head cold, much worse than anything Clair has ever suffered were laying me low. Every muscle in my arms ached from holding on to the bike for the last two days. Clair’s arms were the same plus her elbows which have been a source of trouble from Europe were in a bad way.

We set up camp, got cleaned up and I flopped into bed early. And that’s where I stayed for the next day too. We are leaving Puerto Natales by ferry and we had planned to tour Torres Del Paine by bike. However, feeling much less than 100%, we opted to take a tour bus on a full days excusion around the main loop of the park.

The bus driver was mad! he collected us first and then whizzed around town picking up other victims at high speed and within thirty minutes we were all on our way to the park. High speed overtaking started the day and then high speed shenanigans on the ripio around the park followed. We sat on the back as the bus slid around on corners and as he pushed the bus on the straights. It was very bumpy. Still, we didn’t die so that was ok.

Quentin the tour guide was very good, being very informative and doing his best to keep us all together, not helped by both of us wandering off and doing our own thing, sorry Quentin. The bus stopped at various locations for short walks and photo stops as well as some impromptu stops when puma’s crossed the road in front of us and we saw a grey fox in a field.

It was a good day out and I used the day to mostly recover from my cold. We got to see the park in a different way than we would have being on the bikes and it was quite relaxing. Clair told me I nearly choked on my own tongue with my snoring. I think in reality that was the closest I got to getting killed but sitting in the back of the bus? Definitely a close second.

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