Navimag ferry, continued.

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Our four nights on the Navimag ferry were very good. We had met an Australian couple on the campsite we stopped on who were winding up seven years of Travel. Mads and Phil were a great couple,we got on from the moment we met and spent most of the next few days nattering together. In fact, we barely spoke to anyone else. They had been all around the world in their custom built truck.

The ferry is a dry boat. No alcohol is allowed to be drunk so of course we smuggled some on and so did nearly everyone else as far as we could see. There were quite a few people who had their sea legs in the afternoon and there were many odd examples of people sharing flasks of suspicious liquids.

We only had a few bits of rough weather where we had to go onto the open sea but otherwise the ferry wound through channels on its journey north and we saw some incredible sights, mountains, glaciers birds and seals. We missed the whales that people kept seeing but sometimes I think there was some wishful thinking going on.

The days rolled by, meals were simple but filling and there was free tea and coffee all day long. It was an experience well worth the cost of shipping us and the bikes and it made quite a change from travelling on the bikes every day.

We got into port early on Saturday morning and after a couple of hours we were allowed down onto deck to ride our bikes off, heading west to the island Chiloe. It took some time to get rid of the swaying feeling of being on a boat.


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