Big Change of Plans

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We are changing our plans. When we started our motorbike tour, we had a very open ended view as to what we would do and where we would go.

As it happens, our travelling has had to change primarily because Clair is suffering with tennis elbow. This flared up during our trip in Europe last year and in the seven weeks we were back in the UK she was able to rest them up enough that when we started our journey in Chile, things weren’t too bad.

However, after 3 months, the unpaved roads are really taking their toll. The pain has become worse and when we are forced to use gravel roads she really suffers for days afterwards. Even normal roads are sometimes difficult. We have had to stop for longer after difficult days and ride two up on one bike to give her a chance to recover but the pain is getting worse and given that we do have options, the sensible thing is to cut our motorcycle tour short.

We are not done with South America yet though. Clair is confident that we can finish our planned tour off as long as we’re careful with how we plan and how she manages her elbows.

Over the last few weeks though we have had to rethink what we are doing and we thought of all sorts of options. Going through them has been at times stressful because we both want to give each other what we want and we do have different ideas about our travelling. In fact we have had a pretty awful time as married couples tend to do, we have both been a bit down. On top of that we have worried about family and there has been a bit of homesickness thrown in to the mix.

We discussed me travelling alone to which I declined, somehow, without my best mate it wouldn’t be the same. We thought about shipping the bikes back and buying a car. We considered stopping altogether. We finally decided though on our last three months here and then returning and heading east in our van, “The Boat” which had actually been our original idea when we started this thing.

Finally we are happy with our decisions though. It’s taken a few weeks and I have been helped by some encouraging words from an Australian friend who has helped me get some perspective on things. I think I’ll miss the bikes when we end our little tour of South America but I have been able to spend the last six months and the upcoming three months with my wonderful Clair doing exactly what most people can only dream of doing.

So, we are swapping one sort of dream for another, bikes to a van. We are very, very lucky people.