The kindness of strangers

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I left my Kindle reader under my pillow at the hotel Cisne in Malargue.

The receptionist was able to track me down on Facebook despite the fact we had walked in off the street and paid cash on leaving.

I hadn’t realised I had left the Kindle until we had got to Uspallata, hundreds of kilometres north and the thought of riding two whole days to recover it did not appeal to me.

Anyway, Arturo Olivera, the daytime receptionist contacted me and offered to send it to me. As we were entering Chile the next day I asked if he could post it to Casa Matte where we were going to be stopping in a few days and he agreed to do so.

Over the next few days he tried all sorts of ways to send , being thwarted by the rules and regs of Argentine post until his girlfriend tried DHL in Mendoza. They contacted me but while they would deliver it to Chilean customs on the pass, it would cost about $80 all in.

I messaged Arturo, thanked him profusely for trying and gifted him the Kindle. I hope he can use it for himself.

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