Back in business!!!

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Who would have thought so much would change in such a short time. Three weeks ago, we were in Chile on our adventure of a lifetime. Today, I am back in business running PC Support Midlands Ltd.

We started getting calls from some of our old customers a few days ago but in February we could see this coming so we had already made and agreed an offer on a new house here in the UK and were looking at our options. The bikes were already going to be coming back to the UK but as the health crisis sped up we came back even sooner than expected.

After only a few days we started getting the odd call and after seeing out our 14 days self isolation period decided the time was right to get back into the IT work again. So here we go, if you have an IT problem, please get in touch via email or mobile / whats-app on 07801100702.


  1. Good luck mate, your still biking if you do customer runs on the bikes with just little imagination you can be riding the plains of Patagonia again Stay safe and healthy and when things are getting tough remember the alternative of being marooned in SA regards Aussie Phil and Mads


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